Mr. Nice Guy’s, It’s a growing culture.



Did you hear? There is a new head shop in Chatham-Kent? Really I thought that was ILLEGAL!

Mr. Nice Guy’s is a 420 tobacco accessories shop, and yes we do carry bongs, pipes, papers and hookas. Vaporizers and scales too. Did I mention Body Jewelery? Yeah we have that too. Locally made items art and jewelery. Come in and check us out.

We are located on Dufferin Ave in Wallaceburg, across from Home Hardware, beside Kent Kitchen.
Parking behind the building.


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  1. 1

    fergus said,

    how about some prices and more pics of you product line please? thanks,John

  2. 4

    hunter said,

    Hey can I ask u a question…. Do u guys sell salvia or weed seeds and do you sell Roor bongs?

    • 5

      No We don’t sell saliva. It’s illegal in Ontario, if you find it its in a big city that doesn’t have enough enforcement officers. Come in and check out our selection, we have lots of tobacco accessories and marijuana memorabilia.

  3. 6

    Hey Mr. Niceguy; Mike here in Chatham. We are seeing the site with the owners tomorrow and will get that all streightened out. We are hoping to open Oct. 31. What type of vaporizers do you carry? Do you have Vapir Rise? Goes for About $250 online. That is the type I want for the lounge since it can do concentrates. If you could 5 or 6 of them for us (how many do you need to order to get a discount on your end?) that would be great unless you know of a cheaper option that does all the Vapir Rise does. Thanks and I can not wait to meet you in person. We will need a ton of you cards.

  4. 7

    John said,

    Hey i could use some rolling papers how much?

    • 8

      Well our prices vary our “fuck you” papers are$2.50 our swanss are a buck all juicy jays are $3 unless in a package then they are $3.25 white zig zag, rizla, and zigzag blue are $1.50

  5. 9

    John said,

    Do u got blunt wraps?

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